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Porn game Samus and the Mission to Zebes

Space pirates have stolen a power suit from a Galactic Federation starship. During the theft of the suit, a laboratory employee was on board the ship. The girl was resting in her cabin next to the suit. Space pirates, using unknown technology, moved the energy suit from the Federation ship to their ship, but the girl noticed the theft. Without becoming dressed, the girl began to pursue the enemy ship. The pursuit did not last long, a battle ensued near the planet Zebes, as a result of which she managed to shoot down the pirates, but her ship was also hit by an explosion. On the planet Zebes, the girl will have to fight the metroids, terrible monsters that breed with the help of human women. If everything goes well, then the girl will be able to find a suit and escape from the planet Zebes, and if it goes badly, then she will forever remain in the captivity of pirates, as a uterus for breeding metroids.

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