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Porn game Yoko threesome sex

One day, Yoko Riton star of the TV series Gurren Lagann decided to improve her health in a Tokyo sanatorium. The girl came to the most popular place for recuperation and energy in the city. In this institution, she was met by a doctor in a mask and asked her to fill out a questionnaire. The doctor was fascinated by Youko's beauty and admired her sexy body, but did not show it. While our heroine was answering the doctor's questions, a half-dressed man with glasses, who turned out to be an employee of the sanatorium, was attached to her from behind, he was supposed to help Yoko in the procedures. Under the guise of a medical examination, the men began to pester the curvy beauty, pawing her for all the interesting places. The dumbfounded girl did not know how to respond to the blatant harassment of the sanatorium workers, because she thought that the treatment procedures had already begun. Meanwhile, the insolent people were just having fun with her luxurious body.

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